Highlight Arts believes that the arts contain power within the stories we tell which express who we are in this moment, and which imagines the possibilities of what we can achieve or where we can end up, and that is incredibly urgent. Working with artists, artistic communities and organisations both in Scotland and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), Highlight Arts aims to make space for meaningful encounters between various artistic communities through residencies, workshops and labs, new translations, gatherings and collaborations. We want to make sure that artists, art collectives and organisations from both regions are able to share knowledge and resources, build solidarity, find ways to resist (their own and each other’s) hostile environment and make sure that our narratives are supported, amplified and celebrated. This organisation is artist-led and therefore will always build projects with the artists’ needs in mind. Good partnerships start with good conversations so do get in touch if you would like to have a chat.
Highlight Arts is currently led by playwright Sara Shaarawi.


 Julia Farrington | Dan Gorman | Jon Davis | Áine O’Brien | Helena Nassif

Here are out Charity Accounts and Trustee reports:

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Highlight Arts is a Scottish registered charity SCIO SC 044516