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23rd August 2016 / Purvai: From Lahore to Lewis and Harris - Trading Stories

Presented in partnership by Edinburgh International Book Festival…

21st August 2016 / Trading Stories: Scotland and Pakistan at Edinburgh Book Festival

For this special Edinburgh Book Festival event, illustrators…

21st August 2016 / Unbound: From Lewis to Lahore at Edinburgh Book Festival

From Lewis to Lahore is an Edinburgh Book…

4th August 2016 / ITAC3 - Yasmin Fedda on Syria's Mobile Film Festival

The Third International Teaching Artists Conference: Best, next and radical…

20th July 2016 / Tales from the Field - Art & Politics with Highlight Arts

What responsibility do artists have to engage with…

4th May 2016 / Learning Lab : Stories of Conflict, Migration and Place - Manchester, May 4, 2016

Home, 10:30 am - 17:00 pm    …

1st March 2016 / Theatre Live Stream – The Encounter | Complicite

On Tuesday 1 March we’re going to be…

19th February 2016 / City to City - Lahore Literature Festival, Lahore

Poetry, music & storytelling

13th February 2016 / Poetry on Film - Workshop in Valetta, Malta

  During the weekend of Saturday 13th and…

19th August 2015 / Head North, My Friend - Edinburgh Book Festival, Edinburgh

Poetry, translations & music

23rd May 2015 / City to City - Southbank Centre, London

Poetry event

21st May 2015 / Alchemy Glasgow: City to City Poetry - Glasgow

Poetry & Music

30th April 2015 / Highlight Iraq - The Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Film and poetry event

14th April 2015 / Highlight Arctic - The Science Festival, Edinburgh

Discussion Event

9th April 2015 / Arctic Pecha Kucha - The Science Festival, Edinburgh


2nd October 2014 / Highlight Arts Launch Event - Edinburgh

Launch event

11th June 2014 / Syria Speaks UK Tour

Literature Tour

22nd April 2014 / Erbil Literature Festival (2014)

Literary Festival

23rd March 2013 / Reel Iraq Festival (2013)


15th March 2012 / Reel Syria (2012)


9th May 2011 / Reel Festivals (2011)


14th May 2009 / Reel Iraq (2009)


21st February 2008 / Reel Afghanistan Festival (2008)



Opportunity: New Trustees

Highlight Arts is looking to recruit more Trustees to support this dynamic and creative organisation.…31st August 2016


Purvai: From Lahore to Lewis and Harris - Trading Stories

Presented in partnership by Edinburgh International Book Festival & Highlight Arts. In a recent collaborative…23rd - 24th August 2016


Tales from the Field - Art & Politics with Highlight Arts

What responsibility do artists have to engage with politics in societies around the world, and…20th July 2016

Tales of Two Storytellers

Ian Stephen is a novelist, poet & storyteller. We brought him to Lahore to work…25th February 2016


Found in Translation – A Digital Poetry Project وجد في الترجمة - قصائد الكترونية

A series of 9 short films shot in the northern region of Iraqi Kurdistan featuring…


Scene of words (Urdu Poetry in Pakistan)

An appreciation for truck poetry from Ali Kamran, editor from Sang-e-meel bookshop and publishing house,…19th May 2015

Tracing by Jelle Cauwenberghs

Wilderness guide, Jelle Cauwenberghs, takes us on a visceral tour of the Arctic landscapes that…18th August 2015

Syria on the Road: Stories of Conflict, Migration & Place by Yasmin Fedda

Highlight Arts presented the film programme, Syria on the Road, at the 2015 Platforma Festival…17th November 2015


Beyond Words by Roxana Vilk

Short film

This is why I make films.... by Shahrbanoo Sadat

"They believed people who wore glasses were blind, so for seven years I couldn’t see",…4th August 2015


Why Highlight Arctic: From Iraq to the Polar North

Dispatches from Highlight Arts project co-ordinator Yasmin Al-Hadithi who explores how she, an Iraqi Brit,…7th April 2015


Khyam Allami and Vasilis Sarikis live at Reel Iraq - London March 23, 2013

Concert film

A different tune – music, identity and resistance in far west China by Nick Holdstock

Author Nick Holdstock explores musical traditions and pop sensibilities in Xinjiang, China. Before 2009 few…10th March 2015


Farida and the Iraqi Maqam Ensemble live at Reel Iraq 2009

Music performance video

More than just ice: Changing perceptions of the Arctic by Jessi Thornton

Jessi Thornton on the illusion that the Arctic is an empty frontier, and why our forthcoming…15th July 2015


Glasgow to Lahore - a Highlight poetry project

Poetry translations


This Room is Waiting - a book of poetry translations

Poetry Book

Reel Iraq Festival (2013)

Festival23rd - 30th March 2013

Ali Ferzat

Artist Profile



Artist Profile

Erbil Literature Festival (2014)

Literary Festival22nd - 24th April 2014


I Chose to Listen

Free download of poetry book