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More than just ice: Changing perceptions of the Arctic by Jessi Thornton

Jessi Thornton on the illusion that the Arctic is an empty frontier, and why our forthcoming…15th July 2015


Why Highlight Arctic: From Iraq to the Polar North

Dispatches from Highlight Arts project co-ordinator Yasmin Al-Hadithi who explores how she, an Iraqi Brit,…7th April 2015


A different tune – music, identity and resistance in far west China by Nick Holdstock

Author Nick Holdstock explores musical traditions and pop sensibilities in Xinjiang, China. Before 2009 few…10th March 2015


Call for Films

Submissions Open: Highlight Arctic 2016


Glasgow to Lahore - a Highlight poetry project

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This Room is Waiting - a book of poetry translations

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Reel Iraq (2013)

Festival23rd - 25th March 2014

Ali Ferzat

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Artist Profile

Erbil Literature Festival (2014)

Literary Festival22nd - 24th April 2014


I Chose to Listen

Free download of poetry book

Reel Syria (2012)

Festival15th - 18th March 2012


Dolphin Boy samples the streets of Beirut

New music commission


A Little Perspective by Ryan Van Winkle

In April 2014 Highlight Arts were in Iraqi Kurdistan to work on a poetry translation project. Ryan Van…29th December 2014

My Arab Spring part 2 by Bill Drummond

Reel Syria 2012 aimed to present a nuanced portrait of the country and its people…28th December 2014

William Letford

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