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A poem by Dunya Mikhail called 'Tablet'

Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail shares her poem, 'Tablet' Dunya Mikhail’s book credits include: The Iraqi Nights, Diary of…29th July 2015


More than just ice: Changing perceptions of the Arctic by Jessi Thornton

Jessi Thornton on the illusion that the Arctic is an empty frontier, and why our forthcoming…15th July 2015


Why Highlight Arctic: From Iraq to the Polar North

Dispatches from Highlight Arts project co-ordinator Yasmin Al-Hadithi who explores how she, an Iraqi Brit,…7th April 2015


Call for Films

Submissions Open: Highlight Arctic 2016

A different tune – music, identity and resistance in far west China by Nick Holdstock

Author Nick Holdstock explores musical traditions and pop sensibilities in Xinjiang, China. Before 2009 few…10th March 2015


Glasgow to Lahore - a Highlight poetry project

Poetry translations


This Room is Waiting - a book of poetry translations

Poetry Book

Reel Iraq (2013)

Festival23rd - 25th March 2014

Ali Ferzat

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Artist Profile

Erbil Literature Festival (2014)

Literary Festival22nd - 24th April 2014


I Chose to Listen

Free download of poetry book

Reel Syria (2012)

Festival15th - 18th March 2012


Dolphin Boy samples the streets of Beirut

New music commission


A Little Perspective by Ryan Van Winkle

In April 2014 Highlight Arts were in Iraqi Kurdistan to work on a poetry translation project. Ryan Van…29th December 2014

My Arab Spring part 2 by Bill Drummond

Reel Syria 2012 aimed to present a nuanced portrait of the country and its people…28th December 2014

William Letford

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