WAYFARERS Artists’ Event

Wayfarers artists Yulia Kovanova & Jelle Cauwenberghs explore the exhibition’s works and themes in a new collaborative performance.

THURS 16nd MARCH 2017 – 18:30-19:30

Basement Gallery, Summerhall,
Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL



Come and see two of the artists participating in Highlight Arts’ WAYFARERS Exhibition – Yulia Kovanova and Jelle Cauwenberghs – present a new collaborative performance-reading in response to the exhibition’s works and themes, and join the discussion of their artistic practices.

Siberian-Scottish artist Yulia Kovanova‘s art practice concerns the investigation of movement, borders and boundaries, and perception, exploring the crossovers between people, society and environment. Her work has been seen recently at Aichi Triennale in Japan, the Edinburgh International Science Festival and at the Hidden Door Festival.

Jelle Cauwenberghs is an Edinburgh-based poet.

“The geese were not geese.
They were the story.
A cloud,
In which recognition happened,
Became rain, a recollection.
Water was the page.
When the map is made,
This is the force you cannot draw.
A wave, remembering the hour.
The act of homing –
                   When it moves in the valleys.”

[Extract from Eyjabakkar – by Jelle Cauwenberghs]


[Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of BFI’s Film Audience Network, and Danish Arts Foundation]

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