Awezan Nouri

Awezan Nouri took part in Reel Iraq 2013 in the poetry translation workshops in Iraq and the UK wide festival.

Awezan Nouri (born in Sulaimanyah) is a Kurdish Iraqi Poet, writer and activist. She has worked as an editor and journalist for many Kurdish media outlets and is the director of the PANA center for women’s rights, which was featured in the Independent newspaper  in 2013.

Awezan Nouri

Awezan Nouri has published two poetry collections: Walking in the Destiny’s Alleys and Unripe Love to God both in Kurdish. In 2008 she published her first novel, “Namo Letters”, also in Kurdish.Awezan Nouri took part in Reel Iraq 2013, both in the poetry translations workshops held in Iraq and at the UK wide festival.

You can read the poems that were translated as part of Reel Iraq 2013 in the book This Room is Waiting and see Awezan Nouri in the film Beyond Words by Roxana Vilk.

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