Sabreen Khadim

Sabreen Khadim took part in the Reel Iraq 2013 poetry  translations workshops in Shaqlawa, Northern Iraq, and reading at Reel Iraq at Jura Unbound as part of the Edinburgh Book Festival 2013. 

Sabreen Kadhim reads at Reel Iraq: The Golden Hour at Jura Unbound, Edinburgh International Book Festivals (Photo by Chris Scott)

Based in Baghdad, and one of the younger participants taking part in Reel Iraq, Sabreen Kadhim has already had a distinguished career as a journalist and a poet. Sabreen works as a Television reporter at Al-Hurra TV and has published poems widely in Iraqi magazines and newspapers such as Al-Sabah, Al-Taakhi and Az-Zamaan newspapers as well as Al-Esbuaya Magazine. She was a winner of the 3rd UNESCO Poetry Contest in 2011 and jointly won the Iraqi Youth Poetry Festival competition in 2012 (organized by the “Culture For All” Association). Her debut collection,  I Introduce Myself to Water, is awaiting publication.

You can see Sabreen in the short film Beyond Words by Roxana Vilk and you can follow her work on Facebook.