ITAC3 – Yasmin Fedda on Syria’s Mobile Film Festival

The Third International Teaching Artists Conference: Best, next and radical practice in participatory arts

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‘In the beginning there was the camera’

Highlight Arts member Yasmin Fedda will take part in a panel discussion at Edinburgh’s ITAC3
conference to discuss her work with Syria’s Mobile Film Festival.

‘What can the world learn from radical approaches to socially engaged art-making?’

Panel members include:
Puneeta Roy, Yuva Ekta Foundation; Amer Matar, Syria’s Mobile Phone Film Festival; Yasmin Fedda, Highlight Arts

Panel chair:
Anna Cutler, Director of Learning, Tate

The ITAC3 Conference brings together artists, organisations, funders and researchers from all over the world to explore key issues relating to participatory arts practice through an inspiring mix of curated conversations, practical workshops, keynote speeches, seminars and round-table discussions.

Event Details
Thursday 4th August
ITAC, John McIntyre Conference Centre. Edinburgh
12pm – 1.30pm
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