Working Together LLF 2016

  Mujahid Eshai is an actor & storyteller from Pakistan who joined Ian Stephen for a...26th February 2016

Wa-wa Lahore

Vicki Husband is a Glasgow-based poet whose debut collection from will be released by Vagabond Voices in...25th February 2016

Tales of Two Storytellers

Ian Stephen is a novelist, poet & storyteller. We brought him to Lahore to work...25th February 2016

Lahore Diary 2 – 14-16 February

Love (Overdrive) in the Air On February 14th we awoke to find that Lahore had...16th February 2016

Return to Lahore

Tour Diary 1 — 13 February, 2016 We’ve been to Lahore before yet landing in such...15th February 2016

Gilgamesh’s Snake and other poems soon to be published

Ghareeb Iskander & John Glenday first met in Erbil during our Reel Iraq poetry translation...21st January 2016