Tales from the Field – Art & Politics with Highlight Arts

What responsibility do artists have to engage with politics in societies around the world, and what motivates them to do so? How might artists influence cultural, political and social values as a visitor to another community?

Highlight Arts and Visiting Arts partner for this London based networking and discussion event about Art & Politics. Artists and creative producers will bring case studies embedded in diverse cultures and debate about what it means to be a creative citizen in a global society.  Moderated by Dan Gorman, the  co-founder of Highlight Arts and executive director of Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture.

20 July, 6:30-9pm, £9 standard/ £6 artists (includes a free drink from the bar)

The events are hosted at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial St, London E1 6AB. Full details.

Part of the Tales from the Field series of events run by Visiting Arts

[Visiting Arts invites you to join our global network of cultural managers, creative producers and artists in a series of discussions that address equally the bureaucracy inherent in international work as well as the need for cultural sensitivity and dialogue. Real life experiences and first-hand knowledge will be shared by our speakers and through audience discussion. There will be a chance to meet and connect with others who are passionate about seeking, finding and discussing common ground across borders. Stay for networking with a drink after the event in the Arts Bar & Café.]