Dr Khalid Javaid Jan

Dr Khalid Javaid Jan is a poet, journalist and documentary filmmaker who was born in Lahore. He joined us on our City to City project featuring artists from Glasgow and Lahore. 

Dr Khalid

He is the author of five books of poetry and fifteen books on medical and political subjects. He also writes a column on political and social issues in the largest Urdu-language newspaper — The Daily Jang. His book Main Baghi Hoonwas translated into Hindi, Punjabi and Manipuri languages. A graduate ofRawalpindi Medical College, with a degree in law and a masters degree in political science and Urdu literature, he was a known student leader, political activist and poet. His poetry took a turn when the military dictator, Gen. Zia Ul Haq, imposed martial law in Pakistan in 1977.  At the time, when Zia hanged the elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Dr. Jan wrote his best known poem Main Baghi Hoon (I am a rebel). This soon became a poem of resistance against oppression and social evils. As a result he was imprisoned and tortured by the military regime, with his arm and leg broken. This poem is still widely read among students, labourers and political activists.


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