Amy Hardie

Amy Hardie is a documentary director/ producer with several international awards.She set up the Scottish Documentary Institute in 2004 with Noe Mendelle, and Docspace, dedicated to increasing an audience for serious documentaries. She screened her film The Edge of Dremaing as part of our 2011 festival in Lebanon.

Amy Hardie graduated from the National Film and Television School in 1990 after making films in Mali, Indonesia and Sudan, with the BP Expo prize for best student documentary (Kafi’s Story). After several years of intense labour she was awarded the first PhD by practice in film in Edinburgh College of Art. She now supervises film PhDs by practice: from alternative spaces in modern Turkish women’s experience, to dreaming auto-ethnograph in Portugal.

Still from The Edge of Dreaming by Amy Hardie

Amy collaborates with research scientists, directing six films with the Centre for regenerative medicine, including Stem Cell Revolutions (Tam Dalyell medal, and Best Documentary Milan). She heads North to Shetland to work with artist Diane Garrick, on a film map of the indigenous herbs used there for the last two centuries, after documenting herbs as medicine for The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and in Beirut at Reel Festival 2011. After a year spent as film-maker in residence in Strathcarron Hospice, Scotland she has received BBC and international finance to direct her current feature documentary: ‘The Singing Hospice’.



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